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Sports, Education and FUN for the Very Young

Teddy Sports Club is a fantastic sports programme that inspires children aged 2 to 6 years to get active and have FUN!

Welcome to Teddy Sports Club!

Teddy Sports Club is a fully structured, curriculum based, educational programme with lesson plans designed to develop sports skills at an early age.

Teddy Sports Club teaches young children the essential skills needed to play popular sports such as Football, rugby, tennis and cricket. All Teddy Sport Club games are taught using a combination of music, pictures and teddy bear characters, resulting in an interactive learning experience which children love.

Why choose Teddy Sports Club

At Teddy Sports Club, pictures of teddy bears are shown to club cadets (children) before the start of the game so they understand what they should do.

Head Ted (coach) uses the pictures to involve the children by asking questions about what is happening in the pictures.

Every child finds the different pictures very inspirational; it grabs their attention, captures their imagination and encourages them to participate.

Our lessons are fun and lively, which we believe is the best way to get your children into sport and prepare them for their future lives at school and beyond.

Teddy Sports Club is taught using the Visual, Audio Kinesthetic multi-sensory learning system:

'See It'
'Hear It'
'Do It'
bird 3

Teddy Sports Club has educational Credentials too!

All Teddy Sport Club Lessons adhere to the early years foundation (EYFS) learning and development requirements making the programme very appealing to reception and year 1 classes at Primary Schools as well as Sports and Leisure Centres.

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