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Own your own Teddy Sports Club Franchise

If you have a love for sport and have always dreamed of running your own business, a Teddy Sports Club franchise is the perfect solution. We’ll give you everything you need to achieve success.

Teddy Sports Club as a good business proposition

Financially Rewarding: TSC classes have been designed to accommodate 10 to 20 children, enabling the price/class to be set at a competitive level for the local area AND delivering a good return on the franchisee too.

Multi-Sport: Some children may not be fond of one sport such as Football or Tennis, however, parents do want their children to be active, making the market size for a multi-sport programme large.

Proven Teaching System: The method for inspiring and teaching young children to play TSC is 100% based on Teddy Tennis, a well established and popular international activity programme that has over 20 years of operational experience.

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) compliant: All TSC activities deliver ‘learning’, ‘personal development’ and ‘care’ for the very young children whereby making the programme a very attractive proposition for nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools too

Own your own Teddy Sports Club franchise

We are always on the lookout for new people to expand Teddy Sports Club.Below is a guide of what to expect from running a Teddy Sports Club franchise.

  • Help setting up a business
  • Session plan templates
  • Continuously updated marketing material
  • A unique set of characters, music and stories
  • A UK based booking office
  • A comprehensive back office system

What we are looking for:

  • Enthusiasm: without exception our franchisees have a real passion for what they do.‬
  • Perseverance: running your own business is not easy, and working from home can be lonely. Successful franchisees have the strength to keep going when faced with challenges, and to show determination.
  • Strong communication skills: franchisees have to train and manage coaches, build working relationships with other franchisees and work with members of the Head Offce team. The ability to communicate well is critical to the success of their business.
  • Good administrative skills: whilst the bespoke Teddy Tennis online system has been designed to minimize the day-to-day administration involved in running the business, attention to detail and strong IT skills are very useful in running a franchise.
  • Fit and active: franchisees need to be able to train their coaches, and, whilst it is possible for a franchisee to take a backseat from the day-to day coaching, they need to be able to step in at short notice in an emergency.


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